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๐Ÿค ๐Ÿค 

howdy there! my name is vinh tรดn, and i'm a ux designer / product developer.

my interests lie in the intersection of technology and mental health, and my goal is to develop digital interventions that bridge accessibility gaps in mental health care in underserved, marginalized communities.

vietnamese man with moustache sitting on a log in the snow.

fig.1: "vinh sits on a log"

vietnamese man with moustache sitting on a log in the snow.

fig.2: "vinh shares a selfie"

i was born in Bแบฟn Tre, Viแป‡t Nam then immigrated to the US in 1999, spending my childhood in Olympia, WA and Charleston, SC, and am now currently based in the SF Bay Area.

in my free time, i like to exist in nature and create art: whether through poetry, photography, or memes. i like to combine technology, nature, and art.

curriculum vitae


sample projects


proj.1: police interaction reporting chatbot

linked to Bay area map (microsoft azure)

proj.2: mental health binary classifier

using logistic regression (python)

proj.3: chatbot movie recommender system

w/ collaborative filtering, sentiment

classifier, minimum edit distance (python)

proj.4: med-fi thrift shopping iOS app

w/ item selection and map (react native)

proj.5: neuroscience podcast interviewing guest neuroscientists and current research

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